Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week 7- Fixed Length Lens

So for this week I really did not have any plan or idea for my weekly topic. I knew that I had some sporting events over the weekend, but they were ones that I had already used as topics. And therefore not an option for this week. I figured that I would just come up with something this weekend, but I got very lucky this afternoon and got an opportunity to use my director's camera.  It's always interesting when I pick up his camera or another one of my friends' because they both use Canon, whereas, I use a Nikon. Personally, I enjoy having the opportunity to use another camera other than my own, because I love learning new things. So to me having to learn the controls on another camera doesn't bother me that much. Anyway this afternoon I was able to use his camera, which is really awesome because he has a fixed length lens, which I do not. I am looking into getting one for myself, so today was a great day to play around with someone else's. So my photos for this week were all taken on a Canon with a 50mm fixed length lens.

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