Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In the Heights

These are some of my favorite photos from school's production of In the Heights.

52 Week Project Update

Ok, so my 52 Weeks Project did not turn out quite how I planned. I haven't posted anything in several weeks, in part because I have been busy with school and in part because I just haven't been taking that many photos recently. And many of the photos that I have been taking have been determined by yearbook...a photo of this club or that club or a superlative photo. While the superlative photos have been really fun to take, I can't share any of them until after the book comes out. But as soon as the book is out, I'll have a post with the ones that I took.
For now I'm done with the 52 Weeks Project...maybe one day I'll try another. For now I'm going to focus on just trying to take photos that I want more often. I'm excited for spring and nice weather and going on walks with my camera.