Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 3- Focus/Depth of Field

Okay, so I didn't really have any kind of idea for what to use as this week's theme. So yesterday I just started playing around with aperture and what was in focus. I probably took about 10 shoots of different objects that were near me, and when I looked at them I wasn't really thrilled. Then I was staring at one of my class ring, and decided not to re-shoot this week's project.

The photo that made me not re-shoot...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Editing with "Aperture" on my macbook.


 Adjusted the exposure slightly and recovered some of the areas that were a little blown out.

 Slightly adjusted exposure, recovered areas that were a little blown out and areas that were too dark.

Recovered blown out areas, and made dark areas darker.

Week 2- College Road Trip

Just got back not that long ago from a two day road trip with my school, up to the Boston area. While we were there we saw Boston University, Boston College, Harvard, Northeastern University, and Suffolk University. At each school I tried to get at least one good shot of something that either showed school spirit or something about the campus.

Boston University...
 Fun Fact: This rock is constantly painted by groups on campus, it's even a little squishy in some spots from all the layers of paint.

Boston College...
 Sun beginning to set behind one of the buildings on campus.

 The "eagle" was given to the school by Japan.

 Harvard University...
 Science Center at Harvard.

Northeastern University...
A Huskey, the school mascot. His nose has been rubbed a lot for good luck.

 Huskies decorated by various organizations on campus.

 More decorated Huskies.

Suffolk University...

Both of these photos are from inside a dorm building with around 20 floors. I really loved the pattern in them. The second one was taken looking down from the 19th floor, so there is a little reflection being seen.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Girls Varsity Soccer...

 Some of my favorite shots from today's Girls Varsity Soccer game.

Week 1- We Honor, We Help, We Heal

Since today is September 11th, I thought I would make this week's theme about 9-11. At my high school the motto is "We Honor, We Help, We Heal" and the last few years we have made cheese sandwiches for The INN as a service project in remembrance on 9-11. Last year, we also held a small ceremony where we planted a Survivor Tree, this year we also held a small ceremony to water the tree that was planted last year. Below are some of the photos I took today, they may not be my best work, but I really liked this theme.

Gathering in the cafeteria to make sandwiches for the INN...

Look at all the sandwiches we made in about 20 minutes time. I was told the number was over 800.

After making the sandwiches we stepped outside for a short ceremony.

The mural where people have written their thoughts, both this year and last about 9-11.

Katie and Rebecca sing the National Anthem.

And the watering of the Survivor Tree begins.

Miss McDonnell and me wearing our 10th Anniversary shirts. (Photo credit: Nikki Massaro)

 This is the design on our shirts.