Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 Family Fun Night at the Pool

My cousin Devon drying off from the water.

My cousin Devon eating his cupcake.

The fort my brother and cousins made.

My cousins Lucas and Teresa hanging out in the fort. 

My cousin Lucas pretending to drive my cousin Teresa, using his light necklace as the wheel.

My cousin Devon spinning his light necklaces.

My cousin Lucas spinning his light necklace with Grandpa looking on in the background.

My cousin Teresa's Birthday

My cousin Teresa and her birthday cake.

Grandpa after a water fight with my brother.

My brother Johnny, and my cousin Lucas celebrating Teresa's birthday.

1 comment:

  1. These family shots are really superb. You have a talent for portraiture and for telling stories. The juxtaposition between the figures (particularly in the shot of the young boy and your grandfather), the interplay between foreground and background, the relentless stare of the camera, which is frequently met by the strong stare of subjects, all contribute to a fine set of dynamic and beautiful shots. You should be proud.