Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 2- College Road Trip

Just got back not that long ago from a two day road trip with my school, up to the Boston area. While we were there we saw Boston University, Boston College, Harvard, Northeastern University, and Suffolk University. At each school I tried to get at least one good shot of something that either showed school spirit or something about the campus.

Boston University...
 Fun Fact: This rock is constantly painted by groups on campus, it's even a little squishy in some spots from all the layers of paint.

Boston College...
 Sun beginning to set behind one of the buildings on campus.

 The "eagle" was given to the school by Japan.

 Harvard University...
 Science Center at Harvard.

Northeastern University...
A Huskey, the school mascot. His nose has been rubbed a lot for good luck.

 Huskies decorated by various organizations on campus.

 More decorated Huskies.

Suffolk University...

Both of these photos are from inside a dorm building with around 20 floors. I really loved the pattern in them. The second one was taken looking down from the 19th floor, so there is a little reflection being seen.

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