Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 1- We Honor, We Help, We Heal

Since today is September 11th, I thought I would make this week's theme about 9-11. At my high school the motto is "We Honor, We Help, We Heal" and the last few years we have made cheese sandwiches for The INN as a service project in remembrance on 9-11. Last year, we also held a small ceremony where we planted a Survivor Tree, this year we also held a small ceremony to water the tree that was planted last year. Below are some of the photos I took today, they may not be my best work, but I really liked this theme.

Gathering in the cafeteria to make sandwiches for the INN...

Look at all the sandwiches we made in about 20 minutes time. I was told the number was over 800.

After making the sandwiches we stepped outside for a short ceremony.

The mural where people have written their thoughts, both this year and last about 9-11.

Katie and Rebecca sing the National Anthem.

And the watering of the Survivor Tree begins.

Miss McDonnell and me wearing our 10th Anniversary shirts. (Photo credit: Nikki Massaro)

 This is the design on our shirts.

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